Halloween Contest!

Dress up as a Mobble and get a reward! - October 10, 2014

Don't have an idea for your costume this year?

As you all know, Halloween is around the corner! Tired of the boring vampire or ghost costume? Why not dress up as a Mobble this year?

This is the perfect occasion to dress up like your favorite one! With more than 150 Mobbles available, you have plenty of choice to unleash your creativity!

The players who dress up will be rewarded with a Mobble of their choice among those:

What are you waiting for? Just follow those steps:

Dress up as your favorite Mobble!

Post the picture on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Mobbles and your username!
Send an email to with a link to the tweet or instagram pic)

Get rewarded with a Mobble if your costume is good on October 31st!

Let's flood this year's Halloween with the Mobble spirit! Suit up!


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