App transfer for Android users

Update with the new app, and earn 150 Mobbdollars! - January 13, 2015

Dear Android users,
We have a good news and a bad news.

​Bad news is that our Android app has been suspended by Google. The only way for us to keep the app alive is to re-upload a new one and for you to re-install it.

Good news is that by transferring to the new app, 150 MobbDollars will be rewarded to you!

Yes you'll be able to keep your user profile (Mobbles/Mobbdollars/Outifts etc.) within the new app. Just follow those simple steps :

1)(Optional if you already have an account). Make sure you signed up with your current app (Pick a password you'll remember and a valid email address)

2) Uninstall you current app

3) Download the new app on the Play Store:

4) Open the new app, follow to the "Fight And Trade" button on the home menu, follow the "Log in" button.

5) Enter your login/password, make sure you have a good wifi connection, and wait for your profile to be loaded again

Note: if you forgot your password, just click on the "Forgot your password" label as shown here:


Optional but we would really appreciate:
Rate us 5-stars again with a nice review on the store to improve our ranking, since we have to start it all over :/

If you encounter any problem in the process, a special email has been created: that will be treated in priority.

We apologize for this big trouble, we've done everything we could to avoid it but at this point we have no choice. With your help, Mobbles will survive this rough time


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