New Mobble for Valentine's day!

Another romantic Mobble: Rose! - February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's day to everyone! As you know, this time of the year tends to attract romantic Mobbles! The new Mobble of the week is one of them: Rose! To some, Rose's origin lies in a very old romantic story. On a cold month of February, a brave man had to take departure for war, forced to separate from his loved one. Torn apart, the young maiden promised him that their love will be eternal, plucking her finger with a rose thorn to seal this promise. From a drop of blood and a love oath, Rose was born! To celebrate love on this special day, Rose is now available in the Valentine's Egg! The Valentine's egg will be available for 1 week only! And for the most courageous players, Rose can be caught outside worldwide during the next 48 hours as well! Either way, don't miss it before it's gone!


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