New Mobbles of the week!

Squiro and Zyren available! - June 4, 2015

As you noticed, there hasn't been any new Mobbles for the past 2 weeks! Since we know you didn't get your much needed weekly dose of new Mobbles, we decided to release 2 new Mobbles this week. Meet Squiro and Zyren!

Those 2 Mobbles are great, each in their own way! Squiro is quite a strong Mobble and can be found in the Squiro Egg!

Zyren is a nice and charming Mobble that can only be found at night

Go to the shop, open your radar and catch up the last 2 weeks by getting those 2 awesome new Mobbles!

To learn more about them, remember to check the official Mobblepedia!


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