MobbDollars value update!

New values for the MobbDollars currency! - June 11, 2015

Today you're seeing a change in the MobbDollars value! What's happening?! Don't worry, it's all good! Our MobbDollars was too strong, so we had to adapt its value. What does it mean? It means you now have more MobbDollars, and the items also cost more MobbDollars. We multiplied everything by 20.

At the end of the day, it costs you the very same price to buy a premium item!

Why did we do this? We now are able to rewards users with MobbDollars, and not only cristals. It also let us adjust our pricing more carefully. Our MobbDollar was too strong in the past to make it possible. So from now on, stay tuned for more ways to get free MobbDollars!


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