New feature, new Mobbles!

Gift your friends and get the Mobbles Shellz! - May 12, 2016

3 New Mobbles available!

Three brand new Mobbles are available today: Shelluby, Shellgo and Shellaze! HOWEVER, they're not catchable like other Mobbles! Those Mobbles can only be bought with shellz.

What are shellz?

Introducing a new gift system! By visiting your friends profiles daily, you can now offer them a new currency: the shellz. To launch this feature, 3 different types of shellz are available, each having its own rarity.

You can only send a limited number of shellz per day!
So pick your friends wisely and give the shellz carefully!

How to receive Shellz?

The only way to have shellz is to receive them from friends!

How to give shellz to friends?!

In the friend profile, tap on the gift icon on the left bottom.

What to do with my shellz?

Shellz is a special currency, you can use it to buy exclusive eggs in the shop. You'll find which eggs are buyable with shellz by looking at their price icon:

How do I know how many shellz I have?

In the shop, you can check how many shellz you have by tapping on an egg that can be bought with shellz.

What's next?

This is only the beginning, expect new ways of collecting shellz and new rewards to redeem with your shellz! Meanwhile, gift them preciously and have fun doing it!

In order to get those Mobbles and gift your friends with shellz, you need to update to the latest version (2.8.1) available on the Playstore. Unfortunately, the iOS version isn't equipped with this feature, it will be in the big update on the platform coming up.


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