It's raining Mobbles!

First weather-dependent Mobble: Nimbus! - June 18, 2014

You already knew you could catch Mobbles depending on your location, now for the very first time, you can catch Mobbles...depending on the weather around you!

That's right, starting now, some Mobbles will only appear when the weather conditions allow it! Rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy... each weather will bring its own specific Mobbles, so you don't have any excuse left not to go out and catch them!

As shown in the picture, the weather and the temperature now appear on your radar. Those 2 indications will be useful for weather-dependent Mobbles.

New Mobble of the week: Nimbus

Our first weather Mobble of the week is Nimbus! While he looks very similar to a cloud, Nimbus is nonetheless a Mobble! Due to its very light weight, this Mobble floats in the sky where his shape gives him the perfect camouflage!

Only catchable when it's raining outside, don't be afraid to wet your clothes and go catch him!


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