Beginner's Guide

1 - Get started
Age verification

To ensure safety for our youngest players, Mobbles need to proceed to an age verification.

Players under the age of 13 will have access to a slightly different version of the game.


When launching the game for the first time, a dynamic tutorial will lead you during the first steps of the game. However, you can skip the tutorial by pressing the skip button on the bottom right corner.

Account creation

Creating an account on Mobbles gives you access to social features such as trading Mobbles or Mobbles fights, but most importantly, you will be able to recover your account informations (Mobbles, player status etc...).

You can chose to login via Facebook, or you can create an account with your email.

We insist on the fact that Mobbles Corp. will never sell any informations such as your email to third parties, please refer to our Terms of Services for further information.

2 - Catch Mobbles
Using the Mobbles Radar

When you launch the Mobbles Radar, a map of your actual surroundings will display the Mobbles around you. The Mobbles displayed are wild, and don’t represent another player. Any player can catch those Mobbles, so be the first one to get your hands on them!

Wild Mobbles are in constant motion, so be sure to check you Radar frequently, for you won’t find the same Mobbles.

Catch Mobbles

The green zone in the center of your radar is the zone where a Mobble has to be in order to be caught. If a Mobble is too far away, you’ll have to walk until the Mobble is in the green zone.

To catch a Mobble, tap on it. Informations will be displayed, such as the Mobble’s level, the distance and its name. If the popup is green, you are allowed to try and catch that Mobble!

Specific Mobbles require Achievements in order to be caught, please refer to the Achievements section of this guide for further informations.

To catch the Mobble, you’ll have to fight it! Pick a Mobble from your collection. Your Mobble has to be “Happy” to engage in a fight. If it’s not the case, you’ll have to make it sleep, pick a different Mobble, or use an energy drink (premium item).

If you win the fight, the wild Mobble will be caught and added to your collection. Be sure you have an empty room to welcome it! (You’ll be asked to buy a room if you don’t have an empty one.). Please note that everybody can catch Mobbles, if a player is fighting the same Mobble as you, the first one to win the fight will catch the Mobble.

Please refer to the Fight section of the guide for further informations on the fighting system.

3 - Take care of your Mobbles
Mobbles Collection

You Mobbles collection is dispatched in a grid, each Mobble lives in a room.

To switch Mobbles from their rooms, hold your finger on a Mobble and drag and drop it on another room. If you want to move a Mobble and its room, you have to hold your finger longer until you’re able to drag the whole.

Note : Once you get more than 9 rooms, a second grid will be available, slide your finger from right to left to acces it. To switch a mobble from the first to the second grid, hold it on the screen border.

To get rid of a Mobble (you can either release it or give it to a friend), drag it on the door icon on the top right corner of the screen. You can also sell an empty room with the same process (the icon is then a cashier machine).

Taking care

To feed a Mobble, press on the food icon on the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop the food in the Mobble’s mouth.

A tired Mobble needs to sleep. Press the light bulb button on the bottom of the screen. Few seconds after the light is shut off, the Mobble will start sleeping. If exhausted, your Mobble will need at least 30 minutes of sleep to be energic again.

You can “tickle” your Mobble by scratching its belly, throw it in the air or smash it. When some smoke starts floating around your Mobble, clean it with the sponge item, available in the “!” button on the bottom of the screen.

If you don’t take care of your Mobble, it will eventualy die, so be careful!

Once your Mobble reaches level 2, you gain acces to its toy (available by pressing the “!” button). Each Mobble has a unique toy to play with. Playing with your Mobble will keep it entertained and grow its affection.

Affection is what grows your Mobble level, represented by hearts icons. To check affection progression, touch the Mobble’s name on the top left corner of the screen.

By gaining levels, a Mobble will have access to new features, such as specific outfits and rooms. Once it reaches level 5, a Mobble will never die!

When they are happy, Mobbles drop crystals. Buy a lot of items such as food, outfits and rooms in the shop with those crystals!

4 - Social interactions
Add friends

You can add friends by pushing the “+” button on the bottom left. You can either enter your friend’s nickname, or scan your friends on facebook.


This is where you can check your friends profile. The friendlist displays your friends Player status (please reffer to the achievement section for further details) and who is online (curently playing Mobbles). Access to your friend’s collection by touching the arrow button on the right.

The mail icon is your inbox, new pending request will be displayed here.

Friend Collection

This screen displays your friend’s Mobble collection. From here you can ask for a trade or a fight with the “vs” and ‘trade” icons under each Mobble.

You can also delete this friend from your list by taping the red cross button on the top right corner.


This is where your friends’ request will be displayed, whether it’s a trade request, a fight request or a gift.

Trade Mobbles

To trade Mobbles, check your friend’s collection.

Tap on the trade button under the Mobble you wish to trade, you’ll be asked to pick the Mobble you’re offering for the trade. Note that your Mobble must be happy in order to be traded.

Your friend will receive a notification. Whether your friend agrees or refuses to trade, you’ll receive a notification in your inbox.

Request a fight

To challenge a friend for a fight, go to your friend’s Mobbles collection and pick the Mobble you wish to challenge. By pushing the “vs” button, you’ll be asked to pick a Mobble from your collection who will participate in the fight. In order to fight, your Mobble must be happy.

You’ll land on the waiting screen. Meanwhile, your opponent will receive a notification. If your opponent agrees, the fight will start. You will be notified in case your opponent refuses to fight.

Important : Leaving the waiting screen will result in canceling the fight.

5 - Mobbles Battles
Basic mechanics

A Mobble Battle is an advanced “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game, where the winner of each round inflicts damages to the opponent’s Mobble.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors wheel is the system allowing you to make a choice. You can stop the wheel by pressing anywhere on your screen. However, where you touch your screen is NOT where the arrow will stop it’s course. Be swift and accurate!

Depending on where you stop the arrow, your Mobble’s attack will be more or less powerfull. If you hit the center of the zone, you’ll launch a special attack with inscreased damages. On the other hand, there are black zones resulting in a miss, your opponent will win the round, no matter what he chose.

In case of a draw (for example Rock vs. Rock), both sides reveive damages. If by any chances you make three draws in a raw, you’ll enter duel mode, where the goal is to tap your screen as quickly as possible to fill the duel jauge. The quickest player wins the round.

After 15 rounds the game will change into Death Mode, every damages will be doubled, whether they are given or received.

6 - Advanced mechanics
Battle Items

When one of your Mobbles reaches level 6, you can start buying battle items in the shop. More items will be unlocked as your Mobbles level up. Important, you can purchase the items if one of your Mobbles has the required level, however Mobbles with a lower level won’t be able to use those items in a fight.

To use a battle item, tap the items button on the bottom right corner of the screen, select an item and choose between rock paper and scissors as usual.

If you win the round, the item will be consumed and its effects applied to your opponent (or yourself if it’s a benefic effect). However, in case you lose the round or make a draw, your item will stay in your inventory and won’t be consumed.


If you fight with a Mobble level 5 or above, you have acces to the Combo system.

Every time you win a round, you fill the rock, paper or scissors combo bar, according to your choice. When a bar is full, rock for example, using rock again will have the following results : If you win, you unleash a powerfull combo with increased damages. If you lose the round, your rock bar will reset. Be wise, mindgame your opponents and be careful of their combos bars!


When the fight has ended, your Mobble will receive hearts and crystals. The amount received depends on whether you won or lost and the Mobble’s level.

If you lose the fight, your Mobble will be exhausted and will need some rest.

If you win, your Mobble doesn’t feel exhausted and can fight again!

Important : If you leave in the middle of the fight, your Mobble will be exhausted as if you lost the game.

6 - Achievements and Player status

You can access you achievements list by taping on green banner on the homepage, where your username (if you created an acount) is displayed.

Tap on an achievement to discover what you need to do in order to complete it. The progress bar shows you what’s left to be done.

Everytime you complete an achievement, you are granted a certain number of stars, depending on the achievement difficulty. The more you collect stars, the more you rise your player status.

Check the different player statuses by taping on the crown icon. Your status is visible in your friends’ friendlists.

Note : Some specific achievements will be required in order to catch awesome Mobbles. Those achievements required are visible when you tap on the Mobble when you’re on the radar.

7 - Premium mechanics and items

Mobb$ are the premium currency of the game, buy exclusive and awesome content with it!

You can purchase Mobb$ via inapp purchase, by taping on the “+” icon on your mobb$ counter. Every player starts the game with 15 mob$!

You can also convert your Mobb$ into crystals!

Premium items

You can buy awesome premium outfits and rooms to customize your Mobbles.

Energy drinks are used to instantly restore your Mobble’s energy. Energy drinks can be purchased in the food section of the shop.

Recharge the catching vaccum instantly and skip the waiting hours.

A dead Mobble can be brought back to life.

Get a random Mobble from a Mobble Egg. You can check the Mobbles contained in an egg by taping on the egg in the shop. Some exclusive Mobbles can be obtained in those eggs.

Premium battle items have more powerful effects.

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